World Indices

The technology has made the financial world Flat and has improved accessibility for traders or investors to different regions. FXCX has CFDs (Contracts for Difference) which are heavily traded across the world and are open 24/5. A Trader can trade DAX Germany, Dow30 of U.S or trade Metals listed on the London Metal Exchange. These Instruments are liquid and can be traded on the lowest available spread of 1-2 Pips. Market volatility ranges across different time zones and thus presents a better opportunity for traders. FXCX understands that each trader needs to diversify and reduce risk by gaining exposure to Major Indices and commodities. We provide signals and guidance in the widest array of Financial Instruments available with a proven track record of accuracy and performance.

Services Type

This service is specifically for retail traders who prefer trading in Index Futures and major CFDs that offer better returns on low margin requirements

Services Features

  • We provide 1-2 Intraday Call / around 5-6 Calls on Weekly basis with risk reward ratio of 1 : 1.5
  • You may get 4-5% return based on your margin requirements
  • We try to achieve our accuracy on consistent basis
  • Global Market News and Updates
  • Daily and Weekly newsletters and market report
  • Online assistance via WhatsApp, Telegram & E-mail
for 3 Months
for 6 Months
for 12 Months