FCPO Positional Signals

We provide positional trading recommendations in FCPO based on technical patterns and also conduct in-depth study of CPO in spot market like Inventory, Production, Demand and Supply.

Crude palm oil futures are traded for various reasons such as price risk management and speculation. Crude palm Oil Futures are one of the highly traded commodity derivative in Malaysia. The volatility in CPO prices can be traded on Bursa Malaysia and investors/traders can benefit from these price movements. FXCX serves a wide base of its customers by providing trading recommendations in FCPO segment and helps them make money in a highly uncertain and volatile market environment.

Services Type

This service is specifically for retail traders who prefer trading in Index Futures and major CFDs that offer better returns on low margin requirements

Services Features

  • We provide 2-3 Positional Calls in a Trading Week on Regular basis
  • You may get 5-8 % average return on our Call considering the margin requirements
  • We also provide a Weekly Market Wrap up of Malaysian and Singapore markets
  • We send reports to our customers containing our Signals/Views of FKLI and Stocks
  • Online assistance via WhatsApp, Telegram & E-mail
for 3 Months
for 6 Months
for 12 Months