FKLI Premium Signals

We provide trader to intraday trading recommendations in FKLI based on technical patterns, chart structures, and trading set-ups, especially for our Premium Clients.

FKLI is a composite Index of the top 30 companies of Bursa Malaysia. The Index Derivatives is called as FKLI and by trading in it, an Investor/Trader can gain exposure to the Malaysia Stocks. You can now avoid tracking multiple blue-chips and take a view of the whole Market. A Trader can Long/Short FKLI futures contracts and benefit from price fluctuation. FKLI Premium signals are for traders who can benefit from daily price movements and enjoy better returns on a small margin.

Services Features

  • We provide 1 Intraday Call / around 5-6 Calls on Weekly basis
  • You may get 3-5% average return on our recommendations
  • We strive to achieve consistent accuracy
  • We also provide a Weekly Market Wrap up of Malaysian markets
  • We send reports to our customers containing our Signals/Views of FKLI and Stocks
  • Online assistance via WhatsApp, Telegram & E-mail
for 3 Months
for 6 Months
for 12 Months