KLSE Value Investing Signals

A Service designed for investors who want to invest his money with the minimum risk in the market aiming at high returns by picking undervalued counter on their trend reversals.

Value Investing Services includes a recommendation on counters which are trading at their intrinsic value or even below that. These will be the counters which have been highly undervalued by the market and had actually overreacted on small news or speculation which is not in sync with the long term fundamentals of the company.

Recommendations are being generated with in-depth technical and fundamental analysis. Our research analysis team will be tracking and monitoring the market and will be looking for the best opportunity to generate trade with high accuracy and results.

Services Type

Ideal for Traders or Investors who aim to trade on counters ideal for bottom fishing with high return in minimum risk

Services Features

  • Their will be weekly 1-2 Signals
  • Counters will be picked and recommended by Research Analyst after analyzing proper trend reversal
  • A research analyst and support executive will be assigned for personal assistance
  • Complete follow ups on recommendation and open positions
  • Daily and Weekly sectorial news and market report
  • Online assistance via WhatsApp, Telegram & E-mail
  • Complete profile management and advice over holdings
  • We have achieved a high level of accuracy in this plan on consistent basis


Call Frequency
Stop Loss
Risk Reward Ratio
Weekly 1-2
for 3 Months
for 6 Months
for 12 Months